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2018 Edition Brochure launching soon

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It’s an exciting time to be in the Marketing Department at Recycling Management Ltd!  

Just down the corridor from the busy Sales and Transport Offices, the boffins in the Marketing Department are putting the finishing touches to the 2018 Edition of the company brochure.  I spoke to Group Sales & Marketing Manager Ian Kelly earlier this week and he told me “the 2018 Edition is our biggest yet at 40 pages.  We’ve totally revamped every section and made it even easier to understand the more taxing areas of recycling and working with a recycling partner like ourselves’.

I’ve seen the brochure recently and I must say that the standard of artwork, information and plain-speak is as good as it’s ever been, exciting times ahead!

Ian also mentioned that the company is undergoing a soft re-brand as it moves away from being seen as a traditional waste management company, “It’s time we embraced the technology and incredible staff we have at RML”, he told me. “We have totally rebuilt our CRM and Fleet Management Systems from the ground up and the team in Marketing are incredibly excited at the possibilities of working with Made in the Midlands and amplifying our message.  We’re not just a scrap metal dealer or a simple waste management company - we’re looking to set ourselves apart and offer state of the art reporting, customer portals, waste planning and partnership strategies that genuinely help drive down the cost of recycling for our client base”.

So there you have it, the 2018 Edition is nearing completion and it’s never been a more exciting time to be involved with the team at RML.  We hope to meet you all as the months progress and please feel free to drop me a line at for more information about our upcoming initiatives.

Take care, recycle!