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Recycling Management welcomes former Metal & Waste Contracts Manager

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In keeping with our continuous expansion we are proud to add another member of the scrap metal trade to our team of experts, Lee Perry.

Lee joins us from Metal & Waste and is responsible for a wide range of commercial contracts and is targeting a host of new businesses as well.

We sat down with Lee to ask about his decision to leave Metal & Waste and join Recycling Management, here’s what he had to say:

“There are so many manufacturing firms around the Midlands that I’ve had the pleasure of serving in my previous role and I couldn’t be more excited to join this fast-growing team and apply my skills and knowledge to the professional level of support that RML achieve.

It was heart-breaking to see my days in the scrap trade potentially coming to an end due to the acquisition of M&W, a deal which simply took my customers one step further away from the local team that supported them.  I was offered a number of roles in and around the sector but ultimately it was the forward-thinking aspect of RML that cemented my decision.

I was blown away by their willingness to go that little bit further in support of the customer and the fact that they were fully embracing advanced marketing only sold me on them further.

I can’t say it was easy for me at M&W, client’s trust has to be earned and it takes time to build relationships that stand the pressure of the manufacturing sector, but I used my skills and I ensured I always delivered on my promises.  This is why RML are the perfect fit for me and why I intend to enjoy a long and progressive career with the only true alternative to the ‘big boys’.  In fact, it was extremely hard to win work from RML as they inspire loyalty in their customer base!

Finally I’m in a business that understands the necessity to grow with the times and move away from the old-fashioned perspectives of scrap metal merchants.  My success has only just begun!”

With that in mind, could we take a little of your time to allow Lee to introduce himself and our fantastic support structures in the coming days?

You can book an appointment with Lee using the following: Call (07824) 862597 or email

Take care, recycle!